Since 1998 I have produced electronic / jazz / synth-based music in my spare time, mostly for Demoscene competitions. Enjoy:

Argasek — Demoscene music

Collected works 2010-20192019

Underrated Sensual Counterforce (streaming music, 2018)(Argasek)
Je Suis Toi (music video, 2018)(Argasek)
Unfinished Business (preview version; streaming music, 2018)(Argasek)
Skylight (streaming music, 2016)(Argasek feat. Jakim)
Cocainosaurus (streaming msx, 2019)(Argasek)
Basowe solo na dworcu Kraków-Płaszów (4KB synth msx, 2019) (Argasek)
Pan Kleks w depresji (streaming music, 2016)(Argasek)
Silicon Venture (streaming music, 2016)(Argasek)
Out there (streaming music, 2013)(Argasek)

I will add more tracks on this page soon, stay tuned! Meanwhile, you can take a look at all my works ever released on the Demoscene and works of my demogroup – Aberration Creations.

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