Split MP3 + CUE on Mac OS X easly!

Willbe did a great job collecting demos soundtracks into compilations called Demovibes. Unfortunatelly, each of them is downloadable as a one, big MP3 file with CUE sheet, which iTunes still doesn’t support (damn you, Apple, we got 2011 here, OK?!). I was looking for an easy way to split the file into several tracks.

CUE files are actually text files containing list of the album tracks with their respective lengths, so, in theory, there’s always an option to use software like Audacity or similar to cut the waveform into tracks, but this is rather lengthy process and a lot of hassle. Googling around I found a cue-splitter, but it requires Rosetta to be installed, so it’s not an option for Lion (10.7) users. There are also some commercial solutions, but why to spend bucks, if one can get it for free? 🙂 Here is how.

  1. Install Homebrew if you haven’t done it yet. Worth every minute spent!
  2. Run Terminal. If you don’t have wget already installed, just do it:
    sudo brew install wget
  3. We need two additional formulae to install mp3splt. Just:
    cd /usr/local/Library/Formula
    sudo wget https://raw.github.com/npinto/homebrew/f221036962c41c95d5dd0927b24ab1f02d74204e/Library/Formula/libmp3splt.rb
    sudo wget https://raw.github.com/npinto/homebrew/f221036962c41c95d5dd0927b24ab1f02d74204e/Library/Formula/mp3splt.rb
    sudo brew install mp3splt
  4. Great! Now, still using Terminal, go to the directory where your album is placed and just type (replace filename.cue and filename.mp3 with your CUE and MP3 files names):
    mp3splt -c filename.cue filename.mp3
That’s it! For example, for Demovibes 3 I did:
mp3splt -c demovibes3.cue demovibes3-80mn_scene_music_compilation_mixed_by_willbe.mp3
And got this as a result:
A-Move - 06 - Rooms and boxes.mp3
Amb - 08 - MDMA.mp3
Beaver - 01 - Unearthly heat.mp3
Bliss - 20 - Back to you.mp3
Claws - 09 - Oddity.mp3
Db - 13 - Kromi.mp3
Dune - 04 - The non stop ibiza experience.mp3
Gloom - 05 - Shapeshifter.mp3
Ikhyon - 11 - 7cf.mp3
Legend - 03 - Forge 6.mp3
Little Bitchard - 17 - Four themes and a masterplan.mp3
MD - 21 - TE-2RX.mp3
RP - 10 - Poem to a horse.mp3
Radix - 18 - Yuki Satellites.mp3
Raytrayza - 16 - Mindmelt.mp3
RinneRadio + Crankshaft - 14 - Helsinki.mp3
Sumo Lounge - 19 - Gerbera.mp3
Toxic Child - 02 - Hero.mp3
Trauma Child Genesis - 15 - Little Nell.mp3
Uncle-X + Dixan - 07 - Out48.mp3
Vic - 12 - Keep on going.mp3
Willbe - 22 - Nightfall part.3.mp3

9 thoughts on “Split MP3 + CUE on Mac OS X easly!”

  1. I love your post and solution on how to use a cue-splitter on Lion. Thanks also for pointing me to brew as a replacement for macports.

    One small comment: your instructions are not 100% correct. The command “sudo brew install mp3splt” results in “Cowardly refusing to `sudo brew install'”. By removing the sudo everything works.

    Thanks again for digging this up!

  2. Just google search Step by Step Guide on How to Cut/Split CUE based MP3, APE, WAV, FLAC on Mac, Lion and Mountain Lion

    You will find a simple solution

  3. The simplest solution I’ve found on OSX for cutting an existing MP3 (not a CD rip) using a .cue is CueCut. It’s a standalone app, just run it and open the .cue file (in the same folder as the MP3). It scans the MP3 and copies it into chunks as the .cue file directs. No Homebrew, no Terminal, no sudo (nothing wrong with those things, but some of us like to keep it simple).
    My experience with XLD, Max and even VLC (all excellent apps for dealing with CDs) is that they had trouble figuring out the .cue file – the first track came out perfect, then everything else was two seconds long. Maybe a defect in my .cue file, but CueCut had zero problem with it.
    Google CueCut and be happy 🙂

  4. To split a whole album in FLAC, MP3, WAV, etc formats with CUE or chapter, i recommend Faasoft Audio Converter which supports splitting files by chapter or CUE. It easy and helpful.

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