CPTInfo is a simple, console based application, parsing .cpt files (COREL PhotoPaint file format) and displaying various useful informations about them. Currently CPTInfo is able to handle files created by 7.0, 9.0 up to 12.0 and X3 versions of PhotoPaint (it will probably work with files created in 8.0, too). The 6.0 version files are not supported (although detected and reported as such).

This project was created mostly for educational reasons. I wish it could become a full featured import/export GIMP CPT plugin some day, but this would require a lot of work. If you would like to take care of the project, here is good news: it’s open source! 🙂 Go and grab the sources (you may be also interested in CPT format specification).

Requirements: GCC/Dev-C++, GLib 2.0+, Linux / Windows 2000 or newer.

DownloadCPTInfo-0.039.tar.bz2. To install on Linux, get and unpack the archive, then run make.

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